Friday, June 8, 2012

The DJ prepares well

Last week I went with one of the boys to a friend who has extended the building with....a music studio!!!
It looked great!!

I've been in quite some studios in the past and had some nice introductions to sound at concerts by professional soundmen and DJ's, so when I saw his DJ controllers, turntables, mixers and other stuff I got really enthousiastic.
He was amazed.

Until I explained about my past and my love for good concert sounds and then he started a whole story about how he went about to buy DJ Equipment.

As we have the joy of some megaconcerts in town each summer, he decided it would be best to write one of those organisations ans ask them if he could have some practice job. he was invited for a few talks and then he was allowed to work along with some famous DJ's and get professional experience.
He used that time to be informed about the best equipment in the world and what he really needed.

Last spring he was lucky to get a nice unexpected inheritance and this enabled him to buy what he needed and give his parents part of the money for the extension of the house too.

In a few weeks time he will join a megaconcert again, but now as a paid member of the crew.
he gave me a small show and I have to say I could hear that he used the best professional equipment.
When I said he needed a fog machine to complete it all he had a chuckle.
"Yea, and then you come and borrow it to use it on stage for your girls."
"No", I said, then you can take me with you to those concerts as fog-machine operator."

He just smiled, so who knows....




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