Saturday, June 2, 2012

Crown of Creation

1. Do you understand a belief model based on creationism?

Want a short answer? No.

2. Is your house run more like a dictatorship or a democracy?

You don't belief I sit round the table with all members discussing when the laundry will be done?
I won't put a political model on it.

It's more like a hotel with cooperative times. LOL!

3. Are you likely to forgive a transgression and give someone a second chance?

Yes, why not.
I guess I'll stop doing that when I'm perfect.

4. Is religion a big part of your life?

Well, as a buddhist religion is interwoven with daily life. It's the attitude to live.
But I'm not conscious about it all the time.

When I was catholic it ruled my life more, with all the to do's and the don't do's.
We've got about the same values, but one way or another it comes far more natural.
So in a way it's a bigger part, but it's more me, so not a part.

5. Do you feel your job (or your spouse's if you work at home) is safe?

As a journalist I have to make choices. I could investigate the mob and infiltrate. But I don't think it's my piece of cake. As long as I have children to care for the dafety of my family is the first and my personal safety the second.

But collegues have been shot, jailed, etc. So when you make certain choices you'll put yourself at risk.

6. Do you believe in gay marriage? Why?

Yes, I think all people should be happy in the way of their choice as long as they won't harm another person.

7. Do you think the current U.S. war will lead to a more peaceful world?

No. You can't force real peace on people. It's called oppression.
Peace is a metter of attitude, worldview, respect, care, etc etc.

8. Do you like people with swagger?

I don't quite understand the meaning of the word as it's used in so many ways these days.

9. What kind of budget do you live on, is it tight or carefree?

Tight, tight, tight, tight.

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