Friday, June 15, 2012

Christmas in June

Just a few hours and we'll know if one of our daughters has passed her exams.
We've been talking with the other kids about a nice present that either could be assembled from parts given by each member of the family, or represented a theme.

We couldn't find any suitable idea until someone suggested to give personalized christmas ornaments.

We all agreed that was a very good idea, even though christmas is far away.

We first went to the all year christmas shop in Amsterdam, but we didn't find what we looked for.

Then we surfed online and found the perfect online shop to create our idea.
In the meantime some friends joined in too.
So we decided to make a list of all her hobbies and design ornaments to represent them.
So we had an iceskater and a balletdancer and a lot more.
I'm sure she'll love them.

As she would love to babysit the baby of a family nearby and they would love her as a babysitter they suggested making an ornament with the handprint of the baby.
With the help of the customer service of the ornament shop it was possible.

In a time that christmaslights are used every day of the year, christmasornaments can have a place in the home during the year too.
I'm sure my daughter will hang them in her room and place them in the tree at due time.




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