Sunday, June 10, 2012


1. Do you believe people can truly change?

Yes, I think so and I know.
I've seen many people realise what's important in life and that they are responsible for their own reactions.
I've also seen people change for the worst. Ego is a key note in there.

2. Do you think there is anything wrong with being average?


3. Do you believe in fairy tale love?

Yes, I do.
I've witnessed a few couples who managed to stay in love and to be competely caring for each other until death.

4. Has anyone ever spread something malicious about you?

Yes. And I don't understand why.
I guess raising 6 kids with relative ease, pleasure and creativity was a kind of mirror to their own problem rainsing just 2.

5. Have you ever done something at a party that you've ever regretted?

No, and I've had my fair share of parties.

6. How do you go about setting your goals?

I always take my kids into account.
And I'm flexible.

7. Do you believe you deserve everything you want?

To be honest: yes! I don't want much.

8. Do you have people in your life you could always count on?

I have. But I don't lean on them.

9. Did you ever make a close friend from someone that you've dated?

Yes. Oh yes. Lucky me.

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