Friday, June 22, 2012


The clock at the paper wasn't working properly so we took it down and bought a new one.
It runs on batteries, not on electricity.
I hate it when there's an outage we don't know the time.

Ofcourse I used a saft battery to make it work.
We always have a nice collection ready for use, because there are always people needing batteries.
Often we use the kind that can be reloaded. It's more economic and environmentally friendly to use them.

The disposable ones are collected here when they're empty.
We've got a box in the kitchen to collect them and when the box is fill we bring the batteries to one of the shop that collects them there or to the socalled chemical van.
That's a van to collect the different chemicals that can't be thrown in the bin because of pollution. One can bring the batteries there too.
The van is stationed every wednesday afternoon at the small shoppingcentre near our neighbourhood.
Very convenient.


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