Friday, June 22, 2012

Barcode scanner changed his world

A few months ago I visited a market.
I saw some nice things, but they had no pricetags on them.
I asked the guy and he want inside his car and came back with a booklet.
He started to search and it took quite some time before he came up with the answer.
He apologized for it.
Then said: "I don't know how those other people do it."
So we talked a bit about his lack of time for tagging the items he's selling. It tunred out he was still at university and had to do a lot of practical work, leaving him too tired late in the evening to do other work.

I suggested a symbol barcode scanner after talking to the manufacturers which one he needed.
That way he could scan the item at the market and give the customers their answer within seconds.

Yesterday he mailed me.
It was a mail full of gratitude, because he contacted the manufacturer, got his answer withim minutes and on top of that he found out that a barcode scanner with cable and other accessories was not as half as expensive than he thought.
Because he was able to give his customers the price so fast, they didn't walk away from his stand anymore and he saw his sales-figures improve.

I'm so happy for him!


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