Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ballet and the clothes of the emperor

Isn't that a nice title?

Yesterday the girls had their ballet performance and ofcourse we went to see it.

One girl danced in three parts, the other in two.

It was kind their balletteacher fitted in a piece they created with their friends themselves on saturday and sunday afternoons. They rehearsed in a school nearby, which they organised all by themselves. Quite a thing to get permission to freely use a space in a school in a weekend. Wow!

We had to wait to enter the theatre far too long. Which reminds me I have to bring that under the attention of the organisation.

The theatre was loaded, so that was great.

All performances were nice. One could see people were doing their utmost.

The girls did great.
I was very impressed.

Especially the performance on pointes was very good.
I didn't expect that as they started this year with it.
Well, they practiced at home too. And I'm glad those thumbs on the floor won't be heard for a while. LOL!

They did very well and I enjoyed the performance.

After that I was rushed to the university where I had to attend a.. eh.... eh... kind of course, groups of meetings, about the stories people find inspiring. They had to read that story in front of an audience and then they got a short interview.
The session I attented was about the clothes of the emperor. The interviews was...let's say and anti-climax after the success of the balletperformance.
Another journalist present said he was bored to death, as he was there already quite a while and asked if i would walk with him to and through the door.
So I left too, mainly because they could fetch me going home with the girls. One time to drive, instead of picking me up near midnight.

Waiting for them to fetch me I heard a performance of the metalfestival beside the university. Quite good.
I realy enjoyed it.
If our musicjournilist won't write about it, I will. LOL!




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