Friday, June 15, 2012

Astroid passing earth this night

Recently an astroid was discovered on a near earth course in our solar system.
The thing is about 1.600 feet wide and it will pass the earth at a distance of 14 moondistances from earth.

That's less far than venus passed. In fact 1/10th of the distance.

This asteroid, named LZ1, is just discovered a few days ago, during the transition from june 10 tot 11 so we don't know a lot about it.

The Canary Islands telescope is following it and it can be seen as a white dot against the sky.
It's rather bright and it moves fast: 10 miles every second, that's 20 times faster than a high velocity gun.

The past day a time lapse video has been made by the scientists following the astroid and tomorrow they'll issue a new one, on which the astroid can be seen passing the earth...seen from our perspective, so against the starry sky.

It's interesting that scientists haven't seen this astroid before.
There's still so much to be discovered, so much to be learned.

I feel happy the son of one of my friends is going to study these fenomena.
As a child I was very interested and didn't lose any of my enthousiasm for these speciale events.

And you?




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