Friday, June 8, 2012

Advertising for next week instead of current week

The past weeks I've thrown away some of those door to door brochures far too fast.
When I wanted to have a look after all I relied on internet to provide me the information I wanted, but that was a stupid thing to do.

I've found out that already on friday morning en even earlier most shops have the current advertisements removed and have them replaced by those of the week ahead.

Quite stupid, because they'll miss quite some customers.
With one and a half day shopping still to go I probably would have bought at least one article of the advertisements. As most often there's something useful on the list.
But when I don't know that for sure, I'd rather go to shops that provide me more insight in which products they have on their shelves.

In the past we didn't have those problems, but since more shops are German owned their online habits are disturbing our way of living. I hope the privacy attacking habit of needing to enter adress to get the advertisements won't be taken over. To me that's a step too far.



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