Sunday, May 13, 2012

We saw the Queen (2)

After the concert we went away through a small and a bit dirty street which ended in a shopping street.
After a few hundred metres we had to cross a bridge over a canal again. The buildings in that corner of town were old, well kept and very spirited..I don't know another word.

Soon we were near the location of the closing concert of freedom day.
We heard the rehearsal of one of the songs, but it was far too early to go there.
So we got off our feet, had a hamburger and a drink, enjoyed sitting down for a while and then slowly walked to the concert area.

On a bridge, straight in front of the stage we found a nice spot.
It was clear other people were also trying to find a nice place to watch the concert and the Queen, so we sat down on plastic bags and started the waiting of....two hours.

Imagine: on a high bridge, with the wind raging, a temperature of about 7 to 9 degrees. In front of us open water, and further away a canal, and behind us a street. From two sides canals.
I know, I know, we couldn't have frozen to death, but it was so co-o-o-old.
When it was time to stand up for the arrival of the Queen it took me ages to gain control over my left leg and it took quite an effort to get up.

But it was well worth it.

When we looked down we saw many boats on the water filled with people drinking and eating and having a good time.
In front of us was a large area for the invited people, like the Queen and the prime minister.
We were right behind them.

After that there was an area with water and then the double stage. One on the water and above it a huge stage with the orchestra.

On top of that we saw what we thought what was broadcasted, but afterwards it turned out that the people in the country saw other shots. But they were just as interesting as what we saw.
Pity I haven't seen what was in the country, because I was on camera quite a few times, with my yellow coat. (sailing coat)

Well, we enjoyed the concert.
For me it was very special because some songs were featured of artists I've known.
It brought me to tears...

When the concert was over we sang according to our tradition: "We'll meet again" of Vera Lynn.
The Queen went on a boat and which went around the water a couple of time.
She clearly enjoyed it.
At a special moment she stopped wavinf while the boat turned and when she looked up she saw my coat and when I started waving she smiled and started waving again too. First to me and then to others. People around me said: "She was waving to you, especially to you." Well, I think it was my coat that drew the attention. On the other hand...we've had a special moment in the past and it's said her memory is fenomenal.

Well, regardless of it, I enjoyed the concert, and everything else and then we had to find a way to get home.

Walking between all he thousands of people would bring us to the main station, but it would also mean arriving too late for the train.
So we tried an escape away from the crowds and then to another station.
It was quite a quick and long walk, but we made it just in time and we arrived home in the last train.

Tired!! Tired!!!

But with a good feeling.



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