Saturday, May 12, 2012

We saw the Queen (1)

So we went by train on Queensday.
First visited Schiphol to watch the planes.
We were far too early for any festivities in Amsterdam and it's always nice at the airport.

Then we went to Amsterdam and visited our friends to say hello and bought something for lunch. Just a sliced loaf of bread and cheeseslices. Even less luxurious than at home, but it tastes far better. Maybe we should always have lunch this way. Saves money. LOL!

It was still too early for something else, so my son proposed to go to the beach.
It's my favorite part of free traveling.
When we arrived we heard the noise of the racecars nearby.
Me oh my! In the tourist season!!!
Even when we were standing beside the sea we could hear those cars. And don't think it was a mirror sea. Not at all. Rather large waves, lots of wind. Most of the time when one stands there under those conditions one is consumed by the sea.

So we took a firm walk to the small towncenter and went into the shops.
Could hear those cars even there.
We decided to go back to the nice buddha shop, found out one of our favorite shops was still there and walked the main shopping road, joking that a vacation would get expensive because of the restaurant food. Those prizes!

Back in Amsterdam the festivities had started.
There were lots of tourists so it was a relief to escape to the first floor of one of our favorite shops. They often have a surprise bag for a few euro and this time they had only one left. I bought it and had a value of more than 5 times. Lucky me.

We expected the concerts at the dam to be great. Me oh my, it was no music at all. Not even modern music or something. Just garbage. A band was playing called: go home. Well, apart of some 10 people, probably family and friends, everyone left.

We still had far too much time, but not enough to leave amsterdam again, so we started roaming the streets.
There's no better way to learn your way around in a city.
In the past we had been looking for a theatre, now we found it by accident, when I wanted to walk in an almost hidden allee because I heard some good music from a hidden area.
We landed in a small square between houses where lots of people where listening to a band.
The music was awesome!



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