Thursday, May 31, 2012


Some days are just..... being on the road.

Some days can be better put into a song than in a blogpost.

So many things to do, so many things to deal with.

Trying to make an appointment for my son. By the time I was able to reach the hospital, the time to make the appointment was over.

I tried to make the second tutu, but the voile had been pulled, so it was almost inpossible to get it level. As I'd better save it for a day with more time, I put it aside.

Groceries were spread over a few shops with hardly any parking space. And when we had one it started to rain. Not just a bit. Huge!!!

But the day went by.
I even managed to get the laundry up under the new roof over the back door.

After dinner we had to bring one of the boys to his brother and one of the girls to her extra ballet lesson, and then went in a hurry to get carfuel, finding out we had plenty of time left.
By that time the sun was shining, so we took a tour through the area.
Which was very nice because of the wonderful scenery, but...
Why is there always a but?

There were so many roaddiversions that we landed in nowehereland with only a small sandroad in front of us.
So we had to turn and go all the way back to find the main road again.

We arrived just in time at the balletschool, only to find out that she was far from finished there.
I had time enough to gather some material for the paper, which as fine by me.

When she finally arrived she looked well and was very eager to go to the meeting at school.
It was her first time there, arriving half an hour late because of ballet, but she didn't seem nervous.

Well, after that we drove home, fetched her and the son and finally parked the car in front of the house.

She said she really enjoyed the meeting.
She didn't feel awkward arriving, because the teacher already had introduced her and told she would be late.
There were three other pupils among teachers and others.

She even got applause when it was told that she had reminded school a pupil's organisation should be at every law!
No one even considered that when they thought it would be easier without pupils venting their problems and trying to improve things.

Well. I'm glad we discuss matters like these at home too.
It's a nice experience to be part of this meeting.
She follows in the footstep of other family members, which is fun.
Same nose, same need to improve things for other people.

I hope she gets more credits for it than I got.



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