Saturday, May 19, 2012

Somebody That I Used to Know

1. How do you feel when you realize that an impasse will cause a relationship (any type) to end?

Depends on the relationship. Ofcourse.
In some cases I realise it's life and different development that makes people grow apart.

2. You’re planning a trip that would be an eight-hour car ride, a four-hour train ride, or a two-hour plane ride. With money and time being no object, which would you most likely choose and why?

Please, please, plane. I would love to fly again. Two hours isn't necessary as an hour takes me to Scotland.

3. What is your ideal past time on a lazy summers day?

Listen to the birds early in the morning with the windows open so the cool air can get in the house.
I haven't experienced a real lazy summerday in a long time, being a caregiver. But walking at the beach with my feet in the sea is OK with me.

4. Name a CD you own that no one else on your friends list does.

First tell me which CD's all my friends have. LOL!
We bought one of an eastern European band when the wall was still keeping people apart.
Teh band was here for a few days and we were at the concert. I didn't particularly like it, but the sounds were new.
They were far ahead of time it turned out.

5. What's a wish of yours?

Just one?
I want to have a garden house with electricity, a vegetable garden, and I want to live at the western coast of the UK in a small house. My biggest wish is to win the money to make it all come true.

6. What is something your going to do a lot of this week?

Tidying the house. We want to make some huge changes.

7. Is there someone you wish would just fall off the face of this earth?

That's not very buddhistic, is it?
But I have a person in mind, yes. I'm not far enough to wish her well, so might she drop off quietly and smoothly.

8. What did you do last night?

Write for the paper and sit with my autistic son, had a long talk with one of the girls about het exams and put the laundry in the machine.

9. Where is the next place you'd like to go vacation?

Beach, mountains.

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