Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Noop. not the ones with chalk letters, the organisational ones.

One of my daughters wanted to improve things at school and thought it best to participate in the pupil's board.
But it didn't work well at her school.
Pupils didn't keep their appointments,...not did teachers...
The pupil's board was not facilitated well. Eh..not at all.

This year she informed the responsible teacher that by law the school should have a pupil's board.
Last friday she heard that there had been plans for a board meeting and she wasn't invited.

She asked me what to do and I said she'd better wait a few days. Maybe that teacher has an intention with not asking her.
But fellow pupils asked and he said someone who's doing her final exams next year is of no use any more.

So she went to him and he said he wanted to contact her anyway.
He wants her as chairman of the pupil's board and wants her on the participation board, which is a board that advices the overall board and also screens the decisions made by that board and it consists of teachers, pupils and other people who work at school.

She said she wanted to think about it.

But when she arrived at home she already had decided she wants to take part in the participation board.
It's in the evenings and when it can be combined with ballet.
She worried a bit about her homework, but I think she has to take the opportunity.
It's great on her CV and she'll learn a lot their about organisations, tactics, networking and such.
I said that as long as it gives energy it's an OK decision. She can stop whenever she wants, as the people there will understand when she needs more time for her exams.

So next wednesday she'll go.
I hope that school is ready for some improvement.



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