Friday, May 4, 2012

Remembrance day 2012

We planned to go the the war museum to meet the veterans.
It's one last chance to meet former collegues of my father, who served in the RAF.
Many questions about his activities in the war are still to be answered.
We have some ideas now, because we've been able to research a lot of losse statements he made, but i would love to meet someone who has known him then.

The people he stayed with are all dead.
I'm happy to have visited them with my father, but contact with my generation got lost.
It really feels as a loss.

So we thought it best to go and meet the veterans.

We didn't go.

Yesterday evening I found out we have to pay 10,50 euro just to be there at the museum and we wouldn't even be granted the chance to be present, not even on screen, at the remembrance service.

Now I understand why the local papers didn't mention the event, why the council didn't want to subsidise the event and none of the local bands had the visit on the schedule.

I don't want to pay to be able to meet the veterans.
Not this way.
I'm quite willing to invite them for lunch and pay for it, but I don't want the museum to make any gain on remembering my father's collegues.

It's like they are put behind fences.
Actually, they are.

So I wrote the museum telling them that this not why they freed our country.

Ofcourse they didn't answer my mail in time and grant me free access.
But they changed their site.

So I'll remember all those boys and young men that fought for our freedom, and I'll stay critical about all those present day's limitations of our freedom.
We're losing it, step by step. day after day....





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