Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oldest...under water

Our council tries to profilate our town as the oldest town in the country.
Ofcourse other towns want the same description, but we think we're the real oldie.

It would be no problem to proof it.
We found a double wall around the city. Much to the surprise of the historians, which I don't understand, as my grandpa, a teacher, always said we didn't have a street called: second wall street, just for the fun of the name.
Well, they found the ruins of the old second wall, and didn't change the plan for a large parkingspace into a tourist attraction. Noop... it's to be found again to the surprise of new archeologists in the future. Assuming all written and digital documents get lost. LOL!

So the past days they found the ruins of an old fortress. Wow!
At the perfect place at the river, which makes me ask why they didn't scan the area from the sky and why they didn't dig before.

Why the archeologists went there?
The place will be put under water later this year, to give more room for the river.

Change of plans to preserve the fortress and use it as a tourist attraction?
To sail towards it over the river, to organise parties, to launch the fireworks, to...

Noop, the water will cover it...
We've got our own small atlantis.



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