Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Her final exams started today

One of my daughters had her first final exam today.
I guess I was more nervous. LOL!

Funny things is that I told her she should take it as just another test, be well prepared and she should certainly not worry about the outcome. If she would fail she just had another year at school and an opportunity to do it again.

I can say it this way, because she takes school serious.
And she wants to leave that school as soon as possible.
The misjudgement of those two teachers have hurt her badly.
They said she was afraid to go to school, looked depressed, was weird because she dared to be herself and dress the way she wanted and some other things that were way past what teachers can say about a girl and her family.
In fact one of them even made statements about me and my husband he could and should never make. He's never been at our home and he certainly doesn't know how we interrelate and who's boss.
The result of it all was a lot of troubles that not only made the girls question themselves (which was not bad in itself as they became more aware of how secure they feel and how they dare to be themselves far more than their classmates), but it also resulted in official statements about us which are not true at all. We can't defend ourselves against things like these, and I think we've made some serious mistakes by thinking it didn't matter what we said to a person who was so consumed by herself that she didn't even want to hear the truth about us and who certainly had no intention to listen or to be kind. We thought others would listen to us, so we took referrals. Well, people rather hear the bad things about people than see the good.

So these teachers harmed my daughter and even though she has taken a distance from it all, the burden will come back this summer because they won't stop the hunt for their own phantasies.
I guess I'm clear enough for those who have followed my blog.

It tears me to bits people don't use common sense, not even now the organisation this woman is part of is accused of ignoring massive abuse. I don't want to think about her role in this, but the way she's witchhunting others and the language she uses makes me feel sick. Really nauseated.

Well, my daughter did her exam and came home all feeling free and happy. She did well, she said.
Because of some special religious days which are still celebrated in our country she has a few days off before she has to take her next exam next monday.



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