Tuesday, May 1, 2012

He was stubborn

We often buy our groceries in Germany. It's one of the positive things of living in a border region.
We buy Dutch vegetables in Germany for less than we would have paid in our own country.
27 cents for a large bunch with huge radishes. For instance. Here we pay....tadam..... 1.19!!
The same goes for tomatoes, carrots and potatoes, and a lot more.
The bread for toasting is half the prize, the cheese 1/3 less.
Laundry softener is 75 cents, and not 3,65.

Need I go on?

Because the male brains rested at home and not on the job due to vacation and female brains hardly ever rest, I told him last week not to plan a trip to Germany on may 1 because it's labourday there and all shops will be closed.
He said yes, ok.

This morning he stood dressed and ready to go at the front door.
"Come on, come on...what takes so long?"
"We'd better not go."
"I want to"

I hesitated for a moment, remembered I told him, decided I like to see the wonderful trees and new green en route and stepped in the car.

Gradually he noticed there were less Dutch cars on the road.
"Guess many Dutch are camping out with this weather", he said.
"Don't think so"

When we arrived at the shops he said he was happy it was not as busy as on wednesdays. One could see the difference with a tuesday.
"Yep, you're so right. And what a tuesday."

He should have noticed the maypoles in front of the houses....
Well, it pleads for him he had his eyes on the road.

When he was already on the parkingarea he suddenly realised.




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