Monday, May 21, 2012

Hats, and hats and....

Some days are spontaneously linked to a theme.

This morning we were talking a bout a fun TV program we saw last evening about four young women wanting to become shopping queen.
They had to vote for the choice of clothes and accessories of others and the average would be added to the vote of a socalled expert. One woman bought jewelry for over 240 euro!

My daughter said she would have bought a more expnsive dress and bag, but I would have bought a hat.
I don't have hats, but a shopping queen should have one.

In town we have a wonderful shop with hundreds of Hats made by a woman who is very creative. I've seen the Queen wearing one she made and I have to say that the Queen looked even more handsome and royal with the nice swirl of the hat's brim.

When we were finished talking I switched on the TV to see the news before starting working for the paper.
I landed in the middle of a program about people weaving Panama hats by hand.
They buy the straw at the market and weave the whole hat by hand, only for 6 to 8 dollars a piece.
One woman thought they should have better working conditions and she started a cooperation, which was discovered by an englishman who thought he could do more to enable them to make a living.
He buys the hats against a reasonable prize and sells them. The extra money he gets is split and it was shown that he just gave over 6000 dollars to a hatweaver. Boy this man and his wife were so happy. They could finally make a shower in their home.

I've never before been so aware that hats are used, just like coffee in the past, to enrich the traiders and not the farmers and weavers.

It has changed the way I look at things.

When a friend called and said she wanted to go and buy a summerhat my first question was where it was made.
I had a lot to explain, but in the end we've decided that one should be more aware of what we buy.


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