Thursday, May 31, 2012

The gala

Finally it was the day of the gala event at school.

One of the girls started preparing her hair when the other was still at school.
It created a feel of expectancy at home.

The weather was crap, so I was glad we bought some small size umbrellas last week, so they could take one each and get dry from car to the building.

By the time my second daughter came home from school the first one had decided against curly hair.

Well, I'll save you the rest. LOL!

When they came downstairs they looked amazing.

One of them needed my best pendant to finish and to look like a real lady.

It was fun to see them, because they switched shoes after all.
So the tall went on high heels and the short one of low heels.

We decided they should decide to come home all by themselves, with the only limitation that their brother would fetch them both at once.
The party lasted until 1 hour after midnight, but they came home far, far before that.
All bright and happy.

Ofcourse they had a lot to tell.
Especially about the enormous amount of compliments they got.
But also about teachers, class mates and others.
They've created some very good memories.

After putting their shoes away and getting in homeclothes, they had something to eat they went to bed and, different from other eveningsm, it was silent within 5 minutes.

Wish I could have been at that gala, watching through the keyhole. LOL!


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