Thursday, May 3, 2012

A dress for the gala and ....

Time to buy a dress for the school's gala.

We didn't even bother to go to the centre of town, but went straight to Germany.

First we visited a small shop with a nice dress in the window.
She fitted it... was eh...nice.. but when she turned it immediately was a nono.
The zipper was not white, as the colour of the dress, but ironcoloured. It wasn't even well sown in.

Then we went to the shop I had in mind.

We made a choice of ten... and then I picked a blue one.
She said "no", I said "Just try".

She fitted all the dresses.
One we liked very much, so we put that aside.
Then as the last one, the blue dress came.
It's brught dark blue. Lovely blue.
I heard the sounds in the fitting room and knew it was a straight hit.
It was.

She was happy, looked wonderful and she knew she had the dress of her dreams.
Well, it had her.

When we looked at the prize tags we nearly fell on the floor.
So it was decided to buy both dresses.

The didn't have online payment at the shop, so it needed to be fetched at the bank.
I stayed at the shop with my daughter, looking for one of those small cardigans they have these days.
Found one fitting the first dress.
Even the girl of the shop was pleased to see they really coloured well together. "I didn't know that", she said.

We even got a discount without asking when we paid.
Before she gave it she looked at my mala. What is it about buddhists recognising each other and always pleasing each other?

Well, my girl has two dresses and a cardigan that goes with both dresses, not even for the amount of money we would need to buy a simple one here in town.

When we came home I suddenly realised that the first dress was absolutely perfect for the graduation ceremony. So no need to wear the gala dress then, as most girls do.
My daughter has two dresses, perfect for the occassions.

Now we need shoes....

White and blue ones.
We'll manage.



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