Sunday, May 20, 2012

Buddha Day 2012

Every third saturday of May Buddha Day is celebrated by the Buddhist Temple in Amsterdam.
It's organised by the chinese buddhists, but all nations are welcome.

Eachyear it's a great ceremony, with lions and dragons, ethnic costumes and ofccourse a parade with the golden Buddha statue.

When we arrived in Amsterdam we hurried a bit to be in time for the parade to start.
We had to wait over half an hour, because for some reason they were late.

The weather was gorgeous. I was so happy I took a summercoat with me and left the umbrella at home.
In fact it was far too hot to stay for the festivities after the ceremony. Far too crowded too.

So we tried to say hello to mom and dad Lotus, but they were not at the ceremony nor at home, so I guess they went to China for Buddha Day. And grandma Lotus was far too busy with the organisation of the day to bother her.

We had a look at the favorite shops of the daughter who was with us. I saw a lovely bikini, but she didn't dare to buy it because when it was a misfit she couldn't bring it back. Pity. At home we heard she could have brought it back here in town.

After shopping al she wanted to do was go to the beach.
So we did.

I wanted to go to the toilet at the railwaystation but the woman didn't want to exchange my small money for a 50 cent's piece. Grrr.. Can't believe it.

At sea we had a nice walk with our feet in the sea. It was cold, but refreshing and we were amazed some small kids went in the cold water without any hesitation, and then jumped back. LOL!
When we left the beach we found a very nice location, with toilets, superclean. We'll go there more often now we know where it is. We can also change clothes there, in case. The lady there was very nice.

In the small town we went to my favorite buddha shop and decided to honor our tradition to buy a Buddha statue at Buddha Day.
I have to write the dates at the bottom of the staues to remember these special events.

When going home it turned out people had stolen copper from the system so we couldn't reach our town at all.
But.... my son had the car and he'd just arrived home from his trip south and was happy to fetch us.




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