Friday, May 4, 2012

Best envelopes

Being on the board of the paper and taking care of daily matters made me look into the materials we use.

I've found out that setting targets for myself keeps me well on track, and spending a day at the office with a critical attitude makes a lot visible.

When the paper is ready part of the distribution is done by a group of volunteers.
But there's also a considerable amount of papers that needs to be mailed.
The adreslabel is sticked on a band of paper which is taped around the paper.
In many cases it damages either the topside or the bottomside of it.
I don't think we should accept this, because we always put a lot of work in finding the right photo for the front page.

Most envelopes though get damaged in the mail, especially when they carry a few papers at one time.

Looking on internet made me realise a choice should be made between cost and performance.
Looking better made me find tyvek envelopes.
The expandable ones are perfect, because they allow different amounts of items while keeping the protection high.
I love the fact that the strength of the material is displayed on the site, so one can make a proper choice.

So this will be one of the items on the agenda for the board meeting next week.



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