Thursday, May 3, 2012

Autistic boy with special gift

It's all over the internet: the autistic boy of 6 playing the piano better than might be expected for his age.

He's called the piano man here, because that song is featured on the online papers here.

He plays on the paino and his father, I guess it's his father, sits right beside him with a guitar.

The boy is completely emerged in the song, commanding his father to sing when he wants him to.

The level of performance is not high. In the beginning it's best, but as soon as he takes more tasks upon him, the notes slip under his fingers.

He's a perfect example of autism for teachers. Especially the former ones of my sons.

Concentration on one task is enough.
Saying something when an autistic person is concentrated makes the performance drop.

I never accepted my kids ordering me around. I never wanted my kids to develop automatic behaviour that is unwanted, because unlearning takes so much more effort than learning proper behaviour right from day one.

Still I smiled when seeing the video.

He completely fits in the image of dark hair and eyebrows, round face, etc etc I've spoken about before.

And I like his enthousiasm.



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