Tuesday, May 29, 2012

About tutus and galadresses

For ballet the girls need long tutus.
That means.....this saturday they need them made by me.

I have to make them by hand as the sowing machine doesn't work well enough to get it neatly done.

So there I sat with 6 metres of voile, one little needle and sowing thread.
It must have been a nice picture. LOL!

Luckily I've made a lot of them, but with better material... ***sigh**

Well, hours and hours later it was finished.

In the meantime I had plenty of time to talk with evryone who came home.

The daughter who didn't want to go to the gala with her sister decided to go anyway.
Panick... dress!!

She has a wonderful chinese outfit which would be perfect for the occassion, but she said that she didn't want to wear it because she felt she wanted to tone down as it's her sister's gala.

Then the partner of my second son offered a dress.

Black, with a top of lace, large bow in front.
It looked amazing on my daughter,

Problem solved.
That was easy!!

I even have a small party bag, with almost the same lace look and some glitters.

All that's needed is a new pantyhose.

Everybody is happy.

I feel very happy the girls have grown into such lovely young women, who make their own choices.
It's strange that I don't feel left out, as I thought I would feel.
They decide about their hairdo and such, and I just enjoy watching what happens.
They can ask me how I think about it and when I don't like something they recondider and make their choice again. When they think they should cling on their first choice they can motivate it.
That's how it should be.
My gram once told me that women her age were moaning about the birds leaving the nest and they were left behind, whereas she felt she stepped aside a bit more each day and she could see the kids walk all by themselves and she had lost nothing, only gained a grown up in her life.

That's how I feel too, much to my surprise.
It's just like when they learned to walk all by themselves.
First needing my two hands, then one, then just my presence, and then they just walked, and walked better without my comments and distractions.
The circles of life, repeating.

Maybe it's the last time I've made them tutus,
maybe it's the last time I decide with them which galadress looks best,
it's great they've grown up as far and as well.



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