Thursday, May 31, 2012

The gala

Finally it was the day of the gala event at school.

One of the girls started preparing her hair when the other was still at school.
It created a feel of expectancy at home.

The weather was crap, so I was glad we bought some small size umbrellas last week, so they could take one each and get dry from car to the building.

By the time my second daughter came home from school the first one had decided against curly hair.

Well, I'll save you the rest. LOL!

When they came downstairs they looked amazing.

One of them needed my best pendant to finish and to look like a real lady.

It was fun to see them, because they switched shoes after all.
So the tall went on high heels and the short one of low heels.

We decided they should decide to come home all by themselves, with the only limitation that their brother would fetch them both at once.
The party lasted until 1 hour after midnight, but they came home far, far before that.
All bright and happy.

Ofcourse they had a lot to tell.
Especially about the enormous amount of compliments they got.
But also about teachers, class mates and others.
They've created some very good memories.

After putting their shoes away and getting in homeclothes, they had something to eat they went to bed and, different from other eveningsm, it was silent within 5 minutes.

Wish I could have been at that gala, watching through the keyhole. LOL!


Some days are just..... being on the road.

Some days can be better put into a song than in a blogpost.

So many things to do, so many things to deal with.

Trying to make an appointment for my son. By the time I was able to reach the hospital, the time to make the appointment was over.

I tried to make the second tutu, but the voile had been pulled, so it was almost inpossible to get it level. As I'd better save it for a day with more time, I put it aside.

Groceries were spread over a few shops with hardly any parking space. And when we had one it started to rain. Not just a bit. Huge!!!

But the day went by.
I even managed to get the laundry up under the new roof over the back door.

After dinner we had to bring one of the boys to his brother and one of the girls to her extra ballet lesson, and then went in a hurry to get carfuel, finding out we had plenty of time left.
By that time the sun was shining, so we took a tour through the area.
Which was very nice because of the wonderful scenery, but...
Why is there always a but?

There were so many roaddiversions that we landed in nowehereland with only a small sandroad in front of us.
So we had to turn and go all the way back to find the main road again.

We arrived just in time at the balletschool, only to find out that she was far from finished there.
I had time enough to gather some material for the paper, which as fine by me.

When she finally arrived she looked well and was very eager to go to the meeting at school.
It was her first time there, arriving half an hour late because of ballet, but she didn't seem nervous.

Well, after that we drove home, fetched her and the son and finally parked the car in front of the house.

She said she really enjoyed the meeting.
She didn't feel awkward arriving, because the teacher already had introduced her and told she would be late.
There were three other pupils among teachers and others.

She even got applause when it was told that she had reminded school a pupil's organisation should be at every law!
No one even considered that when they thought it would be easier without pupils venting their problems and trying to improve things.

Well. I'm glad we discuss matters like these at home too.
It's a nice experience to be part of this meeting.
She follows in the footstep of other family members, which is fun.
Same nose, same need to improve things for other people.

I hope she gets more credits for it than I got.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

About tutus and galadresses

For ballet the girls need long tutus.
That means.....this saturday they need them made by me.

I have to make them by hand as the sowing machine doesn't work well enough to get it neatly done.

So there I sat with 6 metres of voile, one little needle and sowing thread.
It must have been a nice picture. LOL!

Luckily I've made a lot of them, but with better material... ***sigh**

Well, hours and hours later it was finished.

In the meantime I had plenty of time to talk with evryone who came home.

The daughter who didn't want to go to the gala with her sister decided to go anyway.
Panick... dress!!

She has a wonderful chinese outfit which would be perfect for the occassion, but she said that she didn't want to wear it because she felt she wanted to tone down as it's her sister's gala.

Then the partner of my second son offered a dress.

Black, with a top of lace, large bow in front.
It looked amazing on my daughter,

Problem solved.
That was easy!!

I even have a small party bag, with almost the same lace look and some glitters.

All that's needed is a new pantyhose.

Everybody is happy.

I feel very happy the girls have grown into such lovely young women, who make their own choices.
It's strange that I don't feel left out, as I thought I would feel.
They decide about their hairdo and such, and I just enjoy watching what happens.
They can ask me how I think about it and when I don't like something they recondider and make their choice again. When they think they should cling on their first choice they can motivate it.
That's how it should be.
My gram once told me that women her age were moaning about the birds leaving the nest and they were left behind, whereas she felt she stepped aside a bit more each day and she could see the kids walk all by themselves and she had lost nothing, only gained a grown up in her life.

That's how I feel too, much to my surprise.
It's just like when they learned to walk all by themselves.
First needing my two hands, then one, then just my presence, and then they just walked, and walked better without my comments and distractions.
The circles of life, repeating.

Maybe it's the last time I've made them tutus,
maybe it's the last time I decide with them which galadress looks best,
it's great they've grown up as far and as well.



Noop. not the ones with chalk letters, the organisational ones.

One of my daughters wanted to improve things at school and thought it best to participate in the pupil's board.
But it didn't work well at her school.
Pupils didn't keep their appointments,...not did teachers...
The pupil's board was not facilitated well. Eh..not at all.

This year she informed the responsible teacher that by law the school should have a pupil's board.
Last friday she heard that there had been plans for a board meeting and she wasn't invited.

She asked me what to do and I said she'd better wait a few days. Maybe that teacher has an intention with not asking her.
But fellow pupils asked and he said someone who's doing her final exams next year is of no use any more.

So she went to him and he said he wanted to contact her anyway.
He wants her as chairman of the pupil's board and wants her on the participation board, which is a board that advices the overall board and also screens the decisions made by that board and it consists of teachers, pupils and other people who work at school.

She said she wanted to think about it.

But when she arrived at home she already had decided she wants to take part in the participation board.
It's in the evenings and when it can be combined with ballet.
She worried a bit about her homework, but I think she has to take the opportunity.
It's great on her CV and she'll learn a lot their about organisations, tactics, networking and such.
I said that as long as it gives energy it's an OK decision. She can stop whenever she wants, as the people there will understand when she needs more time for her exams.

So next wednesday she'll go.
I hope that school is ready for some improvement.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Self Esteem

1. How was your self esteem growing up?

Gradually over time, until at secondary school. I got the opportunity to do all sorts of things and that made me discover some of my talents and explore them. This made my self esteem grow.

2. Do you ever have a hard time with morals?


3. Do you eat in bed? If yes, what?

No, not at all. I hate crumbs in bed.

4. What was the last movie you hated and why?

I hardly watch movies and I certainly won't remember the bad ones.

5. Have you ever felt that you lost it all? If yes, explain.

People threatened to take away the girls for something stupid one of them said.
She only wanted to improve things at school and created an ugly situation because of ill advice and not thinking about it but acting on it.
I was told I was a bad parent and there was no way I could defend myself or my girls than to go along with what a woman wanted me to say. The sadness that followed was terrible.
I found out that people rather believe the bad than the good, and the way we're treated was below level.

6. Have you ever been stalked?

Don't think so.

7. Do you believe in 'self help' for problems, or do you prefer therapy?

Depends on the problems.
I certainly think that people can deal with a lot.
I'm a psychologist and I think that some people think far too much that therapy is the only way of healing and solving problems.
I think a healthy upbringing includes problem solving on all levels. That doesn't only include teaching how to use a band aid.

8. What celebrity do you think should make a run for office?

No need for me to think about that. I'm not american.

9. Do you believe in happy endings? (We do. That why this is the last question!)

Yea... sometimes endings are happy. Something endings can be accepted.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oldest...under water

Our council tries to profilate our town as the oldest town in the country.
Ofcourse other towns want the same description, but we think we're the real oldie.

It would be no problem to proof it.
We found a double wall around the city. Much to the surprise of the historians, which I don't understand, as my grandpa, a teacher, always said we didn't have a street called: second wall street, just for the fun of the name.
Well, they found the ruins of the old second wall, and didn't change the plan for a large parkingspace into a tourist attraction. Noop... it's to be found again to the surprise of new archeologists in the future. Assuming all written and digital documents get lost. LOL!

So the past days they found the ruins of an old fortress. Wow!
At the perfect place at the river, which makes me ask why they didn't scan the area from the sky and why they didn't dig before.

Why the archeologists went there?
The place will be put under water later this year, to give more room for the river.

Change of plans to preserve the fortress and use it as a tourist attraction?
To sail towards it over the river, to organise parties, to launch the fireworks, to...

Noop, the water will cover it...
We've got our own small atlantis.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Hats, and hats and....

Some days are spontaneously linked to a theme.

This morning we were talking a bout a fun TV program we saw last evening about four young women wanting to become shopping queen.
They had to vote for the choice of clothes and accessories of others and the average would be added to the vote of a socalled expert. One woman bought jewelry for over 240 euro!

My daughter said she would have bought a more expnsive dress and bag, but I would have bought a hat.
I don't have hats, but a shopping queen should have one.

In town we have a wonderful shop with hundreds of Hats made by a woman who is very creative. I've seen the Queen wearing one she made and I have to say that the Queen looked even more handsome and royal with the nice swirl of the hat's brim.

When we were finished talking I switched on the TV to see the news before starting working for the paper.
I landed in the middle of a program about people weaving Panama hats by hand.
They buy the straw at the market and weave the whole hat by hand, only for 6 to 8 dollars a piece.
One woman thought they should have better working conditions and she started a cooperation, which was discovered by an englishman who thought he could do more to enable them to make a living.
He buys the hats against a reasonable prize and sells them. The extra money he gets is split and it was shown that he just gave over 6000 dollars to a hatweaver. Boy this man and his wife were so happy. They could finally make a shower in their home.

I've never before been so aware that hats are used, just like coffee in the past, to enrich the traiders and not the farmers and weavers.

It has changed the way I look at things.

When a friend called and said she wanted to go and buy a summerhat my first question was where it was made.
I had a lot to explain, but in the end we've decided that one should be more aware of what we buy.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Buddha Day 2012

Every third saturday of May Buddha Day is celebrated by the Buddhist Temple in Amsterdam.
It's organised by the chinese buddhists, but all nations are welcome.

Eachyear it's a great ceremony, with lions and dragons, ethnic costumes and ofccourse a parade with the golden Buddha statue.

When we arrived in Amsterdam we hurried a bit to be in time for the parade to start.
We had to wait over half an hour, because for some reason they were late.

The weather was gorgeous. I was so happy I took a summercoat with me and left the umbrella at home.
In fact it was far too hot to stay for the festivities after the ceremony. Far too crowded too.

So we tried to say hello to mom and dad Lotus, but they were not at the ceremony nor at home, so I guess they went to China for Buddha Day. And grandma Lotus was far too busy with the organisation of the day to bother her.

We had a look at the favorite shops of the daughter who was with us. I saw a lovely bikini, but she didn't dare to buy it because when it was a misfit she couldn't bring it back. Pity. At home we heard she could have brought it back here in town.

After shopping al she wanted to do was go to the beach.
So we did.

I wanted to go to the toilet at the railwaystation but the woman didn't want to exchange my small money for a 50 cent's piece. Grrr.. Can't believe it.

At sea we had a nice walk with our feet in the sea. It was cold, but refreshing and we were amazed some small kids went in the cold water without any hesitation, and then jumped back. LOL!
When we left the beach we found a very nice location, with toilets, superclean. We'll go there more often now we know where it is. We can also change clothes there, in case. The lady there was very nice.

In the small town we went to my favorite buddha shop and decided to honor our tradition to buy a Buddha statue at Buddha Day.
I have to write the dates at the bottom of the staues to remember these special events.

When going home it turned out people had stolen copper from the system so we couldn't reach our town at all.
But.... my son had the car and he'd just arrived home from his trip south and was happy to fetch us.



Saturday, May 19, 2012

Somebody That I Used to Know

1. How do you feel when you realize that an impasse will cause a relationship (any type) to end?

Depends on the relationship. Ofcourse.
In some cases I realise it's life and different development that makes people grow apart.

2. You’re planning a trip that would be an eight-hour car ride, a four-hour train ride, or a two-hour plane ride. With money and time being no object, which would you most likely choose and why?

Please, please, plane. I would love to fly again. Two hours isn't necessary as an hour takes me to Scotland.

3. What is your ideal past time on a lazy summers day?

Listen to the birds early in the morning with the windows open so the cool air can get in the house.
I haven't experienced a real lazy summerday in a long time, being a caregiver. But walking at the beach with my feet in the sea is OK with me.

4. Name a CD you own that no one else on your friends list does.

First tell me which CD's all my friends have. LOL!
We bought one of an eastern European band when the wall was still keeping people apart.
Teh band was here for a few days and we were at the concert. I didn't particularly like it, but the sounds were new.
They were far ahead of time it turned out.

5. What's a wish of yours?

Just one?
I want to have a garden house with electricity, a vegetable garden, and I want to live at the western coast of the UK in a small house. My biggest wish is to win the money to make it all come true.

6. What is something your going to do a lot of this week?

Tidying the house. We want to make some huge changes.

7. Is there someone you wish would just fall off the face of this earth?

That's not very buddhistic, is it?
But I have a person in mind, yes. I'm not far enough to wish her well, so might she drop off quietly and smoothly.

8. What did you do last night?

Write for the paper and sit with my autistic son, had a long talk with one of the girls about het exams and put the laundry in the machine.

9. Where is the next place you'd like to go vacation?

Beach, mountains.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Her final exams started today

One of my daughters had her first final exam today.
I guess I was more nervous. LOL!

Funny things is that I told her she should take it as just another test, be well prepared and she should certainly not worry about the outcome. If she would fail she just had another year at school and an opportunity to do it again.

I can say it this way, because she takes school serious.
And she wants to leave that school as soon as possible.
The misjudgement of those two teachers have hurt her badly.
They said she was afraid to go to school, looked depressed, was weird because she dared to be herself and dress the way she wanted and some other things that were way past what teachers can say about a girl and her family.
In fact one of them even made statements about me and my husband he could and should never make. He's never been at our home and he certainly doesn't know how we interrelate and who's boss.
The result of it all was a lot of troubles that not only made the girls question themselves (which was not bad in itself as they became more aware of how secure they feel and how they dare to be themselves far more than their classmates), but it also resulted in official statements about us which are not true at all. We can't defend ourselves against things like these, and I think we've made some serious mistakes by thinking it didn't matter what we said to a person who was so consumed by herself that she didn't even want to hear the truth about us and who certainly had no intention to listen or to be kind. We thought others would listen to us, so we took referrals. Well, people rather hear the bad things about people than see the good.

So these teachers harmed my daughter and even though she has taken a distance from it all, the burden will come back this summer because they won't stop the hunt for their own phantasies.
I guess I'm clear enough for those who have followed my blog.

It tears me to bits people don't use common sense, not even now the organisation this woman is part of is accused of ignoring massive abuse. I don't want to think about her role in this, but the way she's witchhunting others and the language she uses makes me feel sick. Really nauseated.

Well, my daughter did her exam and came home all feeling free and happy. She did well, she said.
Because of some special religious days which are still celebrated in our country she has a few days off before she has to take her next exam next monday.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

We saw the Queen (2)

After the concert we went away through a small and a bit dirty street which ended in a shopping street.
After a few hundred metres we had to cross a bridge over a canal again. The buildings in that corner of town were old, well kept and very spirited..I don't know another word.

Soon we were near the location of the closing concert of freedom day.
We heard the rehearsal of one of the songs, but it was far too early to go there.
So we got off our feet, had a hamburger and a drink, enjoyed sitting down for a while and then slowly walked to the concert area.

On a bridge, straight in front of the stage we found a nice spot.
It was clear other people were also trying to find a nice place to watch the concert and the Queen, so we sat down on plastic bags and started the waiting of....two hours.

Imagine: on a high bridge, with the wind raging, a temperature of about 7 to 9 degrees. In front of us open water, and further away a canal, and behind us a street. From two sides canals.
I know, I know, we couldn't have frozen to death, but it was so co-o-o-old.
When it was time to stand up for the arrival of the Queen it took me ages to gain control over my left leg and it took quite an effort to get up.

But it was well worth it.

When we looked down we saw many boats on the water filled with people drinking and eating and having a good time.
In front of us was a large area for the invited people, like the Queen and the prime minister.
We were right behind them.

After that there was an area with water and then the double stage. One on the water and above it a huge stage with the orchestra.

On top of that we saw what we thought what was broadcasted, but afterwards it turned out that the people in the country saw other shots. But they were just as interesting as what we saw.
Pity I haven't seen what was in the country, because I was on camera quite a few times, with my yellow coat. (sailing coat)

Well, we enjoyed the concert.
For me it was very special because some songs were featured of artists I've known.
It brought me to tears...

When the concert was over we sang according to our tradition: "We'll meet again" of Vera Lynn.
The Queen went on a boat and which went around the water a couple of time.
She clearly enjoyed it.
At a special moment she stopped wavinf while the boat turned and when she looked up she saw my coat and when I started waving she smiled and started waving again too. First to me and then to others. People around me said: "She was waving to you, especially to you." Well, I think it was my coat that drew the attention. On the other hand...we've had a special moment in the past and it's said her memory is fenomenal.

Well, regardless of it, I enjoyed the concert, and everything else and then we had to find a way to get home.

Walking between all he thousands of people would bring us to the main station, but it would also mean arriving too late for the train.
So we tried an escape away from the crowds and then to another station.
It was quite a quick and long walk, but we made it just in time and we arrived home in the last train.

Tired!! Tired!!!

But with a good feeling.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

We saw the Queen (1)

So we went by train on Queensday.
First visited Schiphol to watch the planes.
We were far too early for any festivities in Amsterdam and it's always nice at the airport.

Then we went to Amsterdam and visited our friends to say hello and bought something for lunch. Just a sliced loaf of bread and cheeseslices. Even less luxurious than at home, but it tastes far better. Maybe we should always have lunch this way. Saves money. LOL!

It was still too early for something else, so my son proposed to go to the beach.
It's my favorite part of free traveling.
When we arrived we heard the noise of the racecars nearby.
Me oh my! In the tourist season!!!
Even when we were standing beside the sea we could hear those cars. And don't think it was a mirror sea. Not at all. Rather large waves, lots of wind. Most of the time when one stands there under those conditions one is consumed by the sea.

So we took a firm walk to the small towncenter and went into the shops.
Could hear those cars even there.
We decided to go back to the nice buddha shop, found out one of our favorite shops was still there and walked the main shopping road, joking that a vacation would get expensive because of the restaurant food. Those prizes!

Back in Amsterdam the festivities had started.
There were lots of tourists so it was a relief to escape to the first floor of one of our favorite shops. They often have a surprise bag for a few euro and this time they had only one left. I bought it and had a value of more than 5 times. Lucky me.

We expected the concerts at the dam to be great. Me oh my, it was no music at all. Not even modern music or something. Just garbage. A band was playing called: go home. Well, apart of some 10 people, probably family and friends, everyone left.

We still had far too much time, but not enough to leave amsterdam again, so we started roaming the streets.
There's no better way to learn your way around in a city.
In the past we had been looking for a theatre, now we found it by accident, when I wanted to walk in an almost hidden allee because I heard some good music from a hidden area.
We landed in a small square between houses where lots of people where listening to a band.
The music was awesome!


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Freedom Day

It's freedom day and we're almost ready to leave for Amsterdam.
We've got a ticket for free traveling by train and even though the weather forecast has given the warning for rather cold weather, we want to go.

I would have loved to go and watch the parade, but it's held such a long way from a railwaystation that we skip that and try and go to the national concert in Amsterdam this evening.

So watch out for tomorrow's blog and wish me a happy day now.


Friday, May 4, 2012

Remembrance day 2012

We planned to go the the war museum to meet the veterans.
It's one last chance to meet former collegues of my father, who served in the RAF.
Many questions about his activities in the war are still to be answered.
We have some ideas now, because we've been able to research a lot of losse statements he made, but i would love to meet someone who has known him then.

The people he stayed with are all dead.
I'm happy to have visited them with my father, but contact with my generation got lost.
It really feels as a loss.

So we thought it best to go and meet the veterans.

We didn't go.

Yesterday evening I found out we have to pay 10,50 euro just to be there at the museum and we wouldn't even be granted the chance to be present, not even on screen, at the remembrance service.

Now I understand why the local papers didn't mention the event, why the council didn't want to subsidise the event and none of the local bands had the visit on the schedule.

I don't want to pay to be able to meet the veterans.
Not this way.
I'm quite willing to invite them for lunch and pay for it, but I don't want the museum to make any gain on remembering my father's collegues.

It's like they are put behind fences.
Actually, they are.

So I wrote the museum telling them that this not why they freed our country.

Ofcourse they didn't answer my mail in time and grant me free access.
But they changed their site.

So I'll remember all those boys and young men that fought for our freedom, and I'll stay critical about all those present day's limitations of our freedom.
We're losing it, step by step. day after day....




Best envelopes

Being on the board of the paper and taking care of daily matters made me look into the materials we use.

I've found out that setting targets for myself keeps me well on track, and spending a day at the office with a critical attitude makes a lot visible.

When the paper is ready part of the distribution is done by a group of volunteers.
But there's also a considerable amount of papers that needs to be mailed.
The adreslabel is sticked on a band of paper which is taped around the paper.
In many cases it damages either the topside or the bottomside of it.
I don't think we should accept this, because we always put a lot of work in finding the right photo for the front page.

Most envelopes though get damaged in the mail, especially when they carry a few papers at one time.

Looking on internet made me realise a choice should be made between cost and performance.
Looking better made me find tyvek envelopes.
The expandable ones are perfect, because they allow different amounts of items while keeping the protection high.
I love the fact that the strength of the material is displayed on the site, so one can make a proper choice.

So this will be one of the items on the agenda for the board meeting next week.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Autistic boy with special gift

It's all over the internet: the autistic boy of 6 playing the piano better than might be expected for his age.

He's called the piano man here, because that song is featured on the online papers here.

He plays on the paino and his father, I guess it's his father, sits right beside him with a guitar.

The boy is completely emerged in the song, commanding his father to sing when he wants him to.

The level of performance is not high. In the beginning it's best, but as soon as he takes more tasks upon him, the notes slip under his fingers.

He's a perfect example of autism for teachers. Especially the former ones of my sons.

Concentration on one task is enough.
Saying something when an autistic person is concentrated makes the performance drop.

I never accepted my kids ordering me around. I never wanted my kids to develop automatic behaviour that is unwanted, because unlearning takes so much more effort than learning proper behaviour right from day one.

Still I smiled when seeing the video.

He completely fits in the image of dark hair and eyebrows, round face, etc etc I've spoken about before.

And I like his enthousiasm.


A dress for the gala and ....

Time to buy a dress for the school's gala.

We didn't even bother to go to the centre of town, but went straight to Germany.

First we visited a small shop with a nice dress in the window.
She fitted it... was eh...nice.. but when she turned it immediately was a nono.
The zipper was not white, as the colour of the dress, but ironcoloured. It wasn't even well sown in.

Then we went to the shop I had in mind.

We made a choice of ten... and then I picked a blue one.
She said "no", I said "Just try".

She fitted all the dresses.
One we liked very much, so we put that aside.
Then as the last one, the blue dress came.
It's brught dark blue. Lovely blue.
I heard the sounds in the fitting room and knew it was a straight hit.
It was.

She was happy, looked wonderful and she knew she had the dress of her dreams.
Well, it had her.

When we looked at the prize tags we nearly fell on the floor.
So it was decided to buy both dresses.

The didn't have online payment at the shop, so it needed to be fetched at the bank.
I stayed at the shop with my daughter, looking for one of those small cardigans they have these days.
Found one fitting the first dress.
Even the girl of the shop was pleased to see they really coloured well together. "I didn't know that", she said.

We even got a discount without asking when we paid.
Before she gave it she looked at my mala. What is it about buddhists recognising each other and always pleasing each other?

Well, my girl has two dresses and a cardigan that goes with both dresses, not even for the amount of money we would need to buy a simple one here in town.

When we came home I suddenly realised that the first dress was absolutely perfect for the graduation ceremony. So no need to wear the gala dress then, as most girls do.
My daughter has two dresses, perfect for the occassions.

Now we need shoes....

White and blue ones.
We'll manage.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

He was stubborn

We often buy our groceries in Germany. It's one of the positive things of living in a border region.
We buy Dutch vegetables in Germany for less than we would have paid in our own country.
27 cents for a large bunch with huge radishes. For instance. Here we pay....tadam..... 1.19!!
The same goes for tomatoes, carrots and potatoes, and a lot more.
The bread for toasting is half the prize, the cheese 1/3 less.
Laundry softener is 75 cents, and not 3,65.

Need I go on?

Because the male brains rested at home and not on the job due to vacation and female brains hardly ever rest, I told him last week not to plan a trip to Germany on may 1 because it's labourday there and all shops will be closed.
He said yes, ok.

This morning he stood dressed and ready to go at the front door.
"Come on, come on...what takes so long?"
"We'd better not go."
"I want to"

I hesitated for a moment, remembered I told him, decided I like to see the wonderful trees and new green en route and stepped in the car.

Gradually he noticed there were less Dutch cars on the road.
"Guess many Dutch are camping out with this weather", he said.
"Don't think so"

When we arrived at the shops he said he was happy it was not as busy as on wednesdays. One could see the difference with a tuesday.
"Yep, you're so right. And what a tuesday."

He should have noticed the maypoles in front of the houses....
Well, it pleads for him he had his eyes on the road.

When he was already on the parkingarea he suddenly realised.