Sunday, April 22, 2012

We're all different.

Being a mom of sons I've been confronted with a lot of questions about all sorts of subjects.
And because I'm a psychologist and I've worked at a hospital, people tend to think I know everything about everything. Which isn't true, ofcourse.

The other day a boy living in the neighbourhood was send to me by his mother because she thought I knew something about products some men and some sporters use.
The boys was fond of sports and thought he could boost his muscle growth with xanogen.

Ofcourse I was interested to know who gave him that information. Turned out he overheard some older guys talking about it.
As I think that kids never should use hormone supplements or something else to make them discountent with the size of bodyparts or their identity I told him this product was not meant for kids his age.
I turned to his mother to give her more information about the lack of knowledge about the product and about the cost of it. She nearly got a heart attack when she heard this was a testosterone booster and when she realised that she'd sent her own son to me with questions she should have researched herself well on internet, she uttered a thousand appologies.

All I can say about products like these is that a good upbringing and sound self-reflection should make a man aware that what he can't change with practice he shouldn't try to change. We're all different and that makes life so very interesting.



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