Sunday, April 22, 2012

We escaped by fate.

A while ago we planned to go this weekend to Amsterdam to find a dress for the gala event of school for one of the girls. She's petite and grandma Lotus has dresses of the perfect size in het shop and otherwise would want to make one for her.
But one way or another we forgot and yesterday evening, when we suddenly remembered the plans, we decided not to go.

The train we would have taken on our way home collided with another train. About 56 people were seriously injured. 13 of them are fighting for their lives. Over a hundred people had injuries which were less serious.

It's such a strange thought that we could have been on one of those trains, and that so many people were injured.

I have escaped a serious accident before.
When I was still living at home, I used to watch my father shave and talk with him before he went to work.
The routine was that he went to the bathroom and when he had passed my room I would leave it and walk behind him.

That day, for some unknown reason, I walked in front of him.
Would I have stayed in my room, like all the other days, just a few moments longer, I would have had the large marmor lamp on my head. I would have been killed, as the monstruosum was large, and tremendously heavy. For a long time I've felt very grateful that I escaped that ill fate.

 Today I feel tremendously sorry for all those who were on the trains there. It must have been awful!



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