Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday sun and spring cleaning

We've had such a beautiful springweather a short while agao, but now it looks like it's autumn again.

I feel like spring cleaning though so we went through the clothes and sorted them out.
A friend of the girls said they can use good looking ones in their family and I'm more than happy to give them to that family.
In fact I stored quite a lot at the attick for people who can use them. I didn't want them to end up in the shredder.
But the attick is loaded and a lot has to be removed.

Now the kids are moving to a new stage of their lives I'm more than ready to get the attick as emtpy as possible, maybe even create a space for myself there.

I used to have my own space at what later became the babyroom and even later became the room of the girls.
With a far too busy family the attick was the place to put things without looking back. With in the head: later....later... later I will clear the whole lot out and sort it and...

To my feeling that time is appearing.

In fact I feel the time has come to change the whole house.
And oh my dear, that creates a lot of untidiness before everything is rearranged. Can't do everything in one day.

But I want to store things in such a way that when one moves out he can take his lot and leave me with the empty space.
With everything piled up year after year thats a lot of sorting.

The last thing I'll probably do is putting photos in the albums.
In my mind that a job for when I'm too old to move through the house the whole day.
How nice it'll be to go through all those memories.



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