Sunday, April 22, 2012

Stamps and coins

Yesterday I received some very nice stamps.
Collecting stamps has been one of my hobbies even though I wasn't able to invest much money.
In the past friends and family used to give me stamps. Sometimes I got a small bag they bought at the local stamp collector's shop.
The past years I've had some very nice ones when ordering beads for bracelets and telling the seller I also collect stamps and would prefer stamps on the envelope.

It's funny some people remember things and forget some important associations.

The same person who gave me the stamps yesterday told me he knew a trusted site online where they offer bulk morgan dollars for sale.
I was amazed, but also amused.
He thought I had a coin collection too?

Well, I do have a few ones, but they never were considered a collection.
I've never been able to collect the ones which were named after the famous coin engraver George T. Morgan.
Buying them in bulk is great as it's a good way to invest or to get presents for other collectors.

Be sure to educate yourself about the rules of purchases of these investor's and collector's items.


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