Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring storm hunting blossom leaves

I feel pity for all those who need to leave their home.
Me oh my, it's storming, and not just a bit.
On TV I saw a large curl, so we can expect a few days more of this weather, because there is hardly any movement in the weather system right now.

In the bach garden the trees are full in blossom.
If each flower would become an apple I would need to give them out through my blog to have them eaten all. LOL!

Right now the garden slowly starts to be covered in the small whitish, pink and red blossom leaves.
It looks nice, but I prefer them to stay on the trees.

Yesterday evening the weather was still quiet.
We had a meeting in town and it was nice to walk through the sunny streets.
Got ourselves some take-away food at the wok restaurant. It was absolutely great. And far too much for me, so I took the rest home.

After dinner I had a talk with someone who applied for a training job.
Then we had a meeting.

Well, we didn't make the meeting.
No problem, as none of the paper ever attended those meetings, feeling an outsider because we only rent some space there and are not part of anything of the organisation there.

Instead of stumbling in far too late, we decided to do some other jobs at the office.
They're done now.


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