Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring cleaning.. and more

I'm in the middle of a huge spring cleaning.

And more...

My second son has found a nice appartment and I think he can take a few things he left on the attick.

One of the girls is taking her final exams and might find a place to study in another town, so she needs a few things... yep... from the attick.
And when she passes we can throw away a lot of schoolstuff...and we will!

My autistic son is talking about living in a protected environment and I sure won't stand in his way. So I can sort out his things a bit too.

On top of it all someone really can use some of the clothes I stored for the occassion, so they need to be sorted too.

The girls want to change their room, the boys are changing theirs too (and how!).

So I'm busy everywhere.

Cleaning downstairs at times, sorting things out upstairs, writing my bits.
Caring for the family, worrying about an ill friend.
It nearly got at me last week when we all had the flu.

The flu was nasty. We all got it and it lasted quite a while. With lots of belly aches, nausea and such.
Ofcourse my diabetes got messed up, which is never good.

Most of us feel better now and I sure do.

But I have to work my way through everything that needs to be done.

On top of it the house owner decided to send the painters.
That means protecting plants in the front garden and taking away the special roof we made against the wall, to protect us when we go into the garden.

So lots of extra work.

It's more than a simple spring cleaning this year.


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