Friday, April 20, 2012

Skipping gymnastics, that's all.

We had to wait quite a while after the ballet teacher wrote a letter to school to ask them to grant one of my daughters permission to skip gymnastics and give some other assistance during her preparations for the important audition for the ballet academy.

Well, they've granted the permission to skip gymnastics. Instead she has to write a paper why she loves ballet so much. So that's very kind.
But she doesn't get the support the topsporting pupils receive and that made the balletteacher a bit mad.

It's like only sporting pupils do something special. but balletdancers have to train just as hard.
The balletteacher supports our daughter as much as possible. She gives her lessons for free, which is great! I appreciate that so very much, and she knows it.
But the school keeps a far distance from anything that even suggests support even though her class teacher wants it.

Now the dyslexia is creating more problems, as at this level my daughter has to read far much more, we see no other option that to make school assign some special hours of remedial teaching to her.
I'm not happy with this constant fight with school, but it's just a few months and one of the girls has taken her finals and hopefully has passed, and next year at this time we'll be probably at the same stage with the second girl...maybe a year later, and then it's over.

For now we try to see things positively and enjoy the good moments of life.



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