Monday, April 30, 2012

Queensday 2012

Today it's Queensday.
A very important day in The Netherlands.
It was the birthday our our former Queen Juliana and when she resigned she asked her daughter to keep that day as special as it is and celebrate her birthday with the country on that day.
Our Queen Beatrix celebrates her birthday in january, so the weather is never well enough.

On Queensday the country turns orange and nuts.
People dress up, children decorate their bycicles and have a parade, or collect old stuff and toys and sell it on the children's markets.
At many places old fashioned and modern games are organised and those who want to stay at home can watch TV for hours, because the visit of the Queen and her family to two towns in the country is always broadcasted.

This year the girls went to the main market in town, where sportclubs presented themselves, musicbands played, and free icecreams and sugarfluffs were handed out.
More of us planned to go there too and join them, but when we were already dressed and ready to go we saw on twitter we'd better stay at home, as the trafficjams were enormous and we didn't want to sit for hours in the car in the hot sun and arrive after it was closed.

Wise decision.

We enjoyed the TV, the sun, and the sun.

It was a pleasant relaxed queensday, worth to be remembered.

Oh, the girls bought a book for their collection, a balletbureauset and a few other little things.
Never found what they were looking for.



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