Sunday, April 22, 2012

Outdoor fans and quality of living

The neighbourhood party was fun.
Meeting new people, talking with the old friends.
We are among the people who live the longest here and we were happy to see some of our friends and get into a good conversation.

The subject was quite unexpected: whether to buy an outdoor ceiling fan for this summer.
The past summers have mainly bee too wet, but when it got dryer we had very high temperatures that drove us into our homes with the windows closed to keep the heat outside.
That's a real pity because we all have very nice back gardens with gardenfurniture to sit outside and so we want to do during those hot summer days.
So having an outdoor ceiling fan is not a strange idea. On the contrary.
It will enable us to stay outside and feel well, and an additional gain is that the flow of air keeps insects away.

As it's normal here to live in a rented house, we have to talk with the house owner to enable those fans. They can take damp and moist, but no direct contact with water, so we need to have a kind of roof over the patio.
We already have a plastic one, which can be removed at will. And one of the houses in the street behind us has a fixed wooden roof with anti rain protection on it.
So we can show the house owner it's a nice addition to the house and it enhances living comfort.

I think there's a task for the new board of the neighbourhood organisation here.


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