Tuesday, April 24, 2012

One step forward to a diploma

Just a few days more and the lessons for one of the girls are over.
Nect week it's vacation, then a week with two days of lessons and a few days to ask the last questions and then it's final exams.

Today we had to look through all the testresults and check if they were written down a 100% correct.

At the beginning of they year I gave her a nice box to save all her stuff and keep them at one place.
It was the best I could have done.
We took the box and all we had to do was put the content on the table, bottom papers on top and read the results aloud. One reading, one checking.
After reading each paper we put it back in the box and that was it.
Checking finished in a few minutes.

All was OK.

We both signed the list off and that was it.

She's doing well.
Just one subject poses a risk, but she'll spend extra time studying it the next weeks.

Keep your fingers crossed, please.


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