Wednesday, April 18, 2012

On the board now

Today we had the annual meeting of the paper.
The attendance was low, as I expected, as people don't feel committed to it.
Just those I worked with the past months were present.

Among some others I'm choosen at the board now, and in a way I feel ok with it.
On the other side it creates an enormous responsibility.
Others don't seem to feel it, but I do.

The paper was nearly dead when I arrived, some people are very reluctant to accept any change.
In order to revive the paper and push it over the threshold into the future changes need to be made, even if the friend who has worked there very long shall be against it.

I think the paper is worth the challenge and the changes. So....
But it would be nice to find someone who donates a few thousand each 3 months. It would create a stability the paper needs very much.

We've found someone who works at the office with one of my sons, the ICT one who is renewing the computers.

When my autistic son finds a place to stay I
ll be at the office a lot more, which is very convenient, because the girls have their balletlessons nearby and I can fetch them and bicycle home with them. Now one of the boys has to go to town and fetch one when only one goes, as we want her to arrive home safely.

It feels good to be a journalist again.
In the past I did the job too and enjoyed it a lot.
But now I run the paper and it's more and more my responsibility. Guess it won't be long until I'm the offcial chairman.

Many of the journalists of the regional and national papers worked at ours first, so I feel like I've taken a step into the future, whatever it might bring.
Now I would love to have one of those expensive camera's.  So I still have some dreams. :)




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