Wednesday, April 11, 2012

No gymnastics?

The balletteacher of my daughter has decided it's time to remove gymnastics from the school's schedule. The reason she's written down is that it negatively influences the development of balletmuscles. She didn't mention one of the main other reasons she even considers more important: the meny injuries caused during the gymnastic lessons. At the schools of the boys we've seen in all those years just 2 people with inuries that ware gym-related. That's all. At the school of the girls it's sometimes two in a month! Just a short while ago one of my daughters witnessed another pupil getting hurt. She was the one taking appropriate action by moving the boy aside and fetching a cold pack as soon as possible. The teacher did nothing and my daughter thinks the injury was not even taken serious. After the discussion we had at school about the cross country running event and the assignment that should be taken instead, we are rather unpleasantly curious what will be the assignment in case they agree with skipping gymnastics. If there will be an assignment at all. Because the pupils who are considered preparing for topsports have to do nothing instead.


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