Monday, April 23, 2012

The government tumbled down

Much to our surprise we got a socalled minority cabinet after the last elections.
And not even that, the minority cabinet had to deal with a party that was not part of the government itself, but allowed them to function by "accepting" them. Only that way they had a majority in the parliament.

Never ever has a government created so many laws, large and small ones, which came through parliament, but were sabled down in the process of holding them beside the law and ethics. This is done in the socalled Second Room.

After 7 weeks retreat to agree on massive cutbacks to get out of the recession, last week they agreed for what they had accomplished so far.
The last step was send it to a special organisation to be officially reviewed financially.
So one could say everything was done and it only needed to be signed off after controling the calculations.

This came back on saturday and then the acceptance partner, Geert Wilders, said he didn't agree with it after all and pulled the plug.

In a way I'm happy this government will be gone.
It was a mess, kind of a bunch of amateurs.
But in the middle of a recession? When cutbacks need to be agreed on?

The Queen didn't agree to the resignation straight-away, offering them time to agree after all.

They won't...


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