Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Last week a new program started on TV.
I don't know how it's called, because it's at prime time and I'm always busy doing something. Most of the time doing the dishes.

But when I'm called and I sit down, a cup of coffee has been made by one of the kids and I don't care how the program is called anymore.
It's about people using coupons.
Not the way we are allowed here.
We get coupons like the ones for two for the prize of one, three with a discount of 10%. No free items at all.
And we're only allowed one coupon per product. So we can't use more than one coupon for one item.
It's also impossible to use the enormous piles of coupons people use in that program.
One per person per brand.
And no other discounts on the same product, just one.

I saw coupons on Proflowers.com the other day and I would love to see that here. I absolutely love flowers, either in the garden, or if they need to be cut, on the table, as long as possible.

It's amazing to see how people use coupons to save hundreds of dollars.
I can imagine what I would do with so many savings.

But I'm not sure were to put all those groceries that are not imemdiately needed.
Those women, and a few men, have special rooms in their large house to store these items like they've got a shop.
One woman had 4 rooms full of groceries, the kitchen, a special cabinet for meds, and a garage for car supplies and cleaners.

Her house was so very large I doubt if she needs those coupons to have a nice life.

Shopping that way required a lot of preparation and indeed, she needed a lot of her time to find coupons and calculate what she needed to do to get the best discounts.
In fact family members had to help her find the coupons and cut them, organise them into piles, and then it took hours to find out how to get the most gain.

I can't live that way, and I'm glad we can't use coupons like that.
It saves me a lot of time and stress.

But I would love to have a flower coupon, though.



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