Thursday, April 12, 2012

Enjoying spring

A tiny bit of rain made my garden change tremendously.
It's like it contained the best fertilizer ever used.

The prunus is showing signs of redness, so the blossom will develop next week when the weather will be ok.
The apple trees are showing leaves. I hope they'll produces apples this year.
Last year I had about 3 of them and the year before 5. The rest were eaten by the birds. LOL!

The neighbours have taken down their apple tree.
I still feel happy we were best friends with the person who lived there before them and the person before that one. We were best friends and they enjoyed giving us what was on the tree. The harvest was always a full day of hard work, because of the enormous amount of apples.

It's also fun to see that some of the forsythia branches I put in the soil have rooted. So there are small sprinkles of yellow at the borders now.

I wish I have more time to work in the garden, but the paper takes a lot of time and there's a family to take care of, so.. .


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