Monday, April 9, 2012

Do smart phones have smart owners?

I don't have a smart phone.
My phone is of the old fashioned simple style. I can call someone and someone can call me. That's the basic system.

The message on the answering machine states that I can't call back.

That's because I don't know how to listen to the messages.
And I don't care to learn it.

We're living in a time that people are dictating others when and how long they should be available.
I don't want my time to be the pocession of others, I want to spend it the way I want.

The last time I see more people in my environment buy a smartphone.
They show it off and ask me if I want one too.

It's not about wanting, it's about being able to afford and it's about lifestyle.

The smart phone owners I know are better trained in brainless conversations.
They know how to give an answer without giving true attention.
So I know some kids who ask their moms: "Mom, you don't agree I'm without sweets, huh?" "Nono...I don't agree" is the reply, when they move their finger across the screen to move something I can't see.
The kids run away and make a dive in the sweetbox. "Got it!!"
With me the exchange of smiles. LOL!

One of my co workers of the paper is completely controlled by his wife through the smart phone. He messages her to tell where he's going and even when he's due home.
So last week I got a small devil in me after he messaged her and I went to the shop opposite our office to see who the people are and what kind of shop it is.
Turned out to be a marketing firm. Nice people.
I hope my co worker's wife understands we've spend a few minutes there on my initiative.

Often I feel very silly when I'm in the company of smart phone users.
Either they want to show the thing off, so I have to see how flexible the menu is, how easy one can scroll through pictures and things like that, or they're caught up playing with it.
To be honest, I'm not really interested in what the thing is able to do. So I nod politely asking myself why I should care? Oh, I'm happy they have something nice. No problem with that. But it has no place in my life at all.
I'd rather go through the photos with my children telling tales and joking, having another look and seeing someone else take the photo up and tell another story.

Often I feel I shouldn't be present when people deal with their smart phones, whether they call someone or play with it.
Like they are more interested in people who're not present than with me.

It always makes me ask myself if those owners of smart phones are smart enough to take part in real life.


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