Sunday, April 22, 2012

The best drums

This week our neighbourhood exists 25 years.
We were among the people who started the neighbourhood organisation.
Our first goal was to welcome people in the neighbourhood. Later we got more and more issues to deal with and the organisation grew and after a few years we considered it time other people took action as well.

That we were involved people are forgotten, but not that it started in our street.
Right at this time a percussion band is drumming amazingly well.

As a former band member I can distinguish between good and bad instruments and these sounded so well that I had a quick peek at the instruments they are using. Right. Just as I thought: GMS Drums.

In the bagpipe band we used quite some snare drums and they used a few different brands, because people brought their own drums with them. Even though all of them could be adjusted, the sound was not as good as when a band uses high performance instruments of the same brand. Especially when playing outside under all sorts of weatherconditions.

In the past I used to play pipers and when the sun started to burn on the instrument the pitch changed a bit. People didn't hear that well, but as I can hear very well it was not a nice sound.
So at that age, I was about 8, I decided that it was important to have the same brand instruments for the complete band.

The new band leader took me with him to shop for new instruments when the band finally could afford them and the advice of the expert impressed me. I never forgot it.

It's a pity the band outside has stopped, but within a few minites theyll start again, so I'm going to enjoy their wonderful music.


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