Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Autism and money

It's autism awareness month, so I think it's good to tell you something about the way our autistic son deals with money.

Ofcourse we taught him everything he needs to know to lead a healthy financial life.
That means staying out of debt, planning regular spendings and costs of daily life well and keep a close look on politics, because the past years many changes have been made that influence the financial situation of people like us.

We informed him about the consequences of using a debt service and the pitfalls of using credit cards.

He's one of those autistic people who have only one special interest: computers and games.
And he forgets that when you get a discount it's not the discount that defines your financial situation at the end of the month, but the amount of money spent.

So it's a day to day struggle to make him aware of the impact of his wants. because he wants everything.

Last week he found an offer on internet of a game shop that is closing. All he wanted to do was to buy the cheap games. Well, I was able to make him sell some old games.
He asked if he could have some money in advance to pay for the new ones. Much to his irritation I didn't agree with this plan.

He understands that the main reason for the recession is the loans people took to pay for items the wanted. That even when you get a mortgage for your house, it's a loan, and that means you're not able to pay for the house.
But he's not able to project this idea on his own situation.

In a way I have to repeat the basics of a healthy financial life over and over again.


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