Sunday, April 22, 2012

Autism and black hair

Last week I saw a program on the BBC about autism.

Most young people with autism had black hair and had the same bodybuilt.
The resemblance between them was striking.

The first time my eyes caught this was about 15 years ago.
An online friend showed me some photos of her brother. He was diagnosed as autistic and displayed the same behavior as my son.
By the looks of them they could have been brothers.

Since then I've seen many autistic people and I think these people with the thick black hair belong to a certain syndrome within the autism diagnosis.
They all have a strong need to be in company, even though they have a hard time dealing with social behaviour and they tend to exclude strangers from their needs, thus limiting the social environment.
Most parents feel they are dedicating a lot of time to care and attention. And as learning is slow, they have to invest much energy in repeating small lessons, like "eat with a closed mouth", "say hello", and such.
Most of them, if not all, have eating disorders. Their hunger is profound, resulting in obesity.

Most parents of these young people complain about their lack of control over their own eating behaviour.
The costs are in a time like this a real problem, and the financial problems are enlarged by the fact that often new chairs need to be bought.

We've dealt and are still dealing with the same problems.
We've had a lot of chairs in our home that kept their identity for about a month. Then they were wood again.
It was not only the weight that caused that, but also a kind of tight repertoire of body movements.

Another feature which impresses me is the delay in development in dependency.
It's like they won't develop further than a certain age in their attachment to people.
My son behaves like a kid of 8 to 12. That's it.

When you're not aware that you have to look for small changes and should not expect clearly visible progress you're having a very hard time with these kids,even though they're very kind between the meltdowns.



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