Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Another appointment

Today we went with our autistic son to his psychiatrist.

I like the guy far more than the former one.
This ones listens, digests the new information he gets and really thinks along with us.
He comes up with new ideas.

He's less charming than the former one.
That guy had more social skills. He knew how to throw people in feeling of wellbeing so they would forget where they came for.
He never showed any hesitation to make me write letters he copied with a change of one or two words. And even though he suggested we worked together, I didn't think we did.

When things got rough he showed his true face. Which meant that his own interpretation of s situation he didn't know anything about was pushed on me in such a way that he violated the ethics of his profession.
let'sleave it at that.
At the moment I could have done with a professional attitude of questioning in a scientific way, he got sucked up in his own misconceptions. Bah!

There was no way to keep this from the new psychiatrist who listened carefully, asked some critical questions, took no position at all, chewed a while on the subject and then made some good remarks and asked how my family and I were doing. Wow!

Well today he listened carefully again.
My sons meds are not working properly. They create a chaos in his head and to stay on top of it he repeats the same over and over again. 20 times, thirty times, fourty times.
Not sentences, stories.
And where we would get bored about ourselves and get detached from the emotions, my sons gets emotional over and over again.
I can deal with a lot, but not with this.
I'm a patient person, but not patient enough to be a saint.

So after careful wighing the pros and cons, and the psych mentioning the side-effects, which he has to do by law, we had no choice than to try something else.

He took it last evening and I wish it works and brings his pleasant positive old self back again.

The guy also had a god referral we're sure going to use.

So even though he was not charming at all, not smiling at me like I was the only woman in town, not giving us the feeling that we were lifted out of daily life, he gave us the feeling he really tried to offer the best he has.

That's what I value most!


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