Thursday, March 22, 2012

Warmest march 22nd ever

We had the warmest march 22nd ever.
Not far from here a temperature of 20.2 degree celcius was recorded.
We're living at one of the outer neighbourhoods of the city, so at this time of year we get firm winds and I'm sure we didn't reach the record.

But the sun! Oh the sun!
Lots of it.
It gave such a special feeling.

Already in the middle of the night the birds were whistling and having fun, with the special echoing sound of spring.
Then in the morning the sky was clear and spotless blue.

And in the room every minor dustparticle could be seen. LOL!

I managed to wash a bedcover one of the boys brought home because he didn't need it anymore and it's washed and nearly dry.

And I did a lot of cleaning in the house.

Ofcourse my autistic son needed more time to adjust than I did.

Nevertheless, it was a real springday, with green leaves developing on the branches so fast i could nearly see them grow.
In fact i could see that, when I left the garden for an hour and came back I could see the difference.

So I cut some shrubs in the front garden and decided there's a lot more that needs to be done the next days.


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