Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring flu

We call it spring flu here.
Even though the weather has been amazing, people don't feel well.
The runs, you know, and headaches.

Here each and everyone has been under the wheather a couple of days.

One thing that's very clear is that our autistic son isn't able to feel what's going on in his body, or to say it better: he isn't able to put words to his sensations.
So once again he complained about hunger and was very irritated. Whereas we would have said we were feeling ill.

We also think his meds are not working.
So I mailed his psychiatrist to prepare him for the question next monday: other meds.

I wish we would be able to do without, but he realy needs these meds.
There's a huge discussion in politics about medication.
Politicians who don't know anything about the problems these kids are facing are taking a position that is only in favor of spending less money, not in favor of better care.

I've been very busy these past weeks trying to make them see sense, but me og my, those are hardheaded persons. I think stubbornness is a main characteristic of our politicians these days. Not wisdom. I bet they can't even spell it properly. LOL!


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