Saturday, March 10, 2012

Preparing the garden for spring

My son is so happy with his new house.
It's interesting to see how much he has learned the past years about all sorts of things.
His partner wants white curtains in the livingroom, but he immediately replied that it's not clever, because closing and opening them each day will make them dirty far too fast and far too visible.

He asked me to go shopping for some furniture, because she had to work.
We had a very pleasant day and he was not the only one who got good ideas.

I saw a nice table with 4 chairs and imagined them in the back garden. The set was not expensive at all. We haven't bought it yet, because we lacked room in the car.
We discussed buying it and even considered ordering some patio umbrellas or those large market umbrellas with tilt option. We had a large one in the past and it was absolutely perfect for our large family. It provided shade for at least 5 large chairs and when there was a drizzle we still could sit outside.

Next week I'll start preparing the garden for spring.
Some trees need to be cut, bulbs planted, and moss removed.
It's a pity a few plants have been killed during the very cold period, but it openes room for something new.

I want a nice seating area in the back garden.
Well, I would love to have my own gardenhouse, but with the recession there's not enough additional income to realise it.
So maybe that furniture set with the umbrella will be a good replacement.



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