Friday, March 16, 2012

Plans for the near future

Our second son is moving.
He found a wonderful appartment, painted it and had a vinyl floor fitted.
It's amazing.

I like the kitchen, which is closed. Some people think that's old fashioned, but I think it's great not to have all those smells all through the house.

Some friends helped him to move his stuff.
He could do with muscle power to get the washing machine and fridge upstairs.
Two of them also have a car and offered to help.

Dealing with kids with autism spectrum is sometimes utter fun.
One of them had his father fit suv bike racks at the top of the car, so my son's bicycle could me moved too.

It was so very nice of him to think about it.
But the move was from one part of town to an adjacent one, about 10 minutes on the bicycle or maybe even less.
Well, the boys wouldn't be the clever ones they are if they were not able to use those racks to move boxes with books and other stuff.

It's good to know one of the boys has got those bike racks.
In the past they thought about going on a camping and bycicling tour through Europe when they all would have the money to do so.
One after one is getting a job, so that vacation will be in the near future.

They've got those handy racks now to take their bycicles wherever they want to go.


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